Quality Can’t Be Controlled, Only Be Produced!


Our company has started to produce tulles in 1997 after working in the industry as a main distributor of Soymer tulles for 25 years.  In 2004, we starded our company as Beetks Tekstil after going under major restructuring.  Our production line consists of elastic powernet, embroidery ground, 100% polyester and nylon tulle produced by Karl Mayer machines.

In 2014, we added Jacquard Raschel machines into our production line to produce outwear, underwear and curtains.  With this our new sister company, Erke Tekstil, was born.

We are using optic sensors and lazers duration of the entire production.  Our motto is “Quality cannot be controlled, it can only be produced.  ”By this, we are eliminating any issues may have come before it actually happens.  We are working very  closely with our customers to meet our deadlines.Yarns that we use in our production, is all being tested at the German accredited labs.  All of our fabrics are each being tracked by quality control numbers during the entire process.